All about Weaves

Every woman wants to look good and feel good. Most African women like putting on weaves to improve how their hair looks. The best type of weave is human hair. Human hair is real hair from women especially India who shave their long hair.


When you purchase products made from human hair, the hair is actually made from real humans. Humans in 3rd world countries, mostly from Asia (China and India) will sell their long locks for money. European hair is very popular in today's market but the texture doesn't match most hair texture of African American women which is why most afro weaves are made from real Indian human hair, Brazilian human hair or just plain old synthetic hair.

When women in these third world countries are looking to sell their hair, the buyers will actually recommend that the women do their best to get their hair healthy. The instructions to get their hair healthy are: eat a healthy diet, refrain from using too many products and especially no heat appliances. For most women the heat appliances and products are not the issue, the issue is a healthy diet. The donors are typically very young women and virgin hair is ideal. Virgin hair means that it has never been chemically treated. Virgin is one of the most expensive types on the market.

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There are pros and cons of having on a weave. The pros are that they are easy to manage. They also help you cover your hair as you patiently wait for it to grow to the desired length.

Less Manipulation: This is one of the ultimate pros of wearing a weave. Manipulation of your natural tresses is drastically reduced which can guarantee retaining more length.

More Time Management: Unlike myself, let’s face it, not everyone is completely satisfied with only manipulating their hair once a week. Many naturals want more variety during the week concerning hairstyles. Weaves can provide constant manipulation without the stress on your tresses. Weaves also provide a great option for a highly active lifestyle.

Assists in Patience of Growth: Weaves can assist in patience of growing your natural hair since your focus is taken away because daily contact with your natural hair is now eliminated which can control your urges in grabbing that measuring tape every 5 seconds to progress new growth.

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A weave is not all shiny and silky. It also painful especially when the stylist has to braid your hair into very tiny cornrows. You also get what you pay for so the more you have, the better type of weave you get.

A hair weave can sometimes be painful to have placed in your hair. This is because in order to place the weave, the hairstylist must braid the hair tightly along the scalp. After the whole head has been braided, the tracks of hair are then sewn into the braids. This pulling and braiding can be painful, especially if you are sensitive. New bonded hair extensions may be a better choice if you have a low pain tolerance.

Unfortunately, not all hair weaves are created equally. With the case of the weave, what you pay for is what you get. That means that a less expensive weave may be obvious and fake-looking. The best weaves, as noted by Vita's Hair Salon in Maryland, are made out of natural human hair. These are the ones that can match the color and texture of real hair, blending in with yours. A weave made of synthetic hair is less expensive but may also look fake, as it does not mimic the real texture of hair. Be wary of a cheap weave that does not look real.

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